Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Didn't.

I didn't blog during the intimate Christmas season because I was busy enjoying my family and friends.

I didn't use super expensive wrapping and bows this year...just because.

I didn't send my Christmas cards out "on time" (according to who?), and everyone just loved them anyway.

I didn't have the family Santa picture this year at the club because we were busy on vacation with our family.

I didn't take enough pictures...because I was busy being in the moment.

I didn't break out into hives when my living space has been trashed for about 24 hours according to what I would like.

My husband and I didn't exchange big gifts this year...just because.

I haven't had shoes on other than my comfty slippers except when we went out and shared a pizza the other night.

I didn't have fancy new Christmas paper goods this year, we used up all the many last years of extras and had an eclectic table.  I started to apologize to our 18+ Christmas dinner crowd, but then stopped because did anyone REALLY care-no they thought I was being smart-rather than frugal.

I haven't taken down any Christmas decor as of yet because my 5 year old wants to leave it up forever (I am getting the bug though).

We didn't have to get out of bed before 6 a.m. this Christmas morning because Hubs had the day off and my kids slept in (super exciting).

We didn't a lot...and things are always just fine.

Each year I have the visions and lists of all the crafts, decor, photos, and seasonal opportunities that I would like to accomplish or attend, but this year I took it down a every year when the "didn't" list starts to find it's way.  It doesn't matter that I don't use the finest china in the cabinet or have the biggest house on the block to entertain for our Christmas season...all it matters is that we have family and friends around us that we can look in their eyes for the Christmas LOVE that is shared. 

This season we had the magical visit of Santa-we were all excited because little boy believes. 

This season we themed our Christmas dinner around Italian food-all the potluck recipes brought were delicious!

This season we welcomed back a lost relative to our family gathering.

This season we spent over a week with our beloved nephew who lives out of town.

This season our church was over the top to share the Christmas story with over 20,000 people!

This season our family traveled together for a Christmas get-a-way before the busyness.

This season our house was decorated after Thanksgiving for us to enjoy a little longer.

This season my boys was excited to give to the bell ringers everytime we were out and about.

This season we had our active duty Army cousin adorn our Christmas dinner.

This season we welcomed our close friends who celebrate Hanukkah at our celebration of Jesus!

This season our family spent more time with each other through the holiday season.

This season the gifts were bought and wrapped before December.

This season we shared the love of God to neighbors in need.

This season a lot happened, some that was envisioned and some that was not, but most of all we were able to enjoy what this season is all about-the birth of Christ.  The holiday season may not always be what we envision, but for my case it was even MORE...MORE time, MORE family, and most of all MORE love was spread to our community and shared in our home.

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