Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes, It's Been A While

Your right! It's been a while.  I have not forgot about my beloved blog here.  I just need to take a summer break, get caught up, vacation with the love of my life, start school with my kiddos, and start a brand new job after staying home with my kiddos for almost seven, yes, seven years!  WOW!

I am indebted to my hubs forever, for the most AMAZING career anyone could have...being a mom-at home!  Then last year my son's school approached me in regards to working (teaching) at his elementary school.  I pondered, prayed, prayed some more...and definitely heard the calling to go back to work.  How could I say no to working at the best kept secret in town doing something I missed all these past years and while I was climbing the corporate ladder at another school in the administration department.  I missed the little children, I missed the creativity, and I missed the opportunity of being what I always wanted to do in life- making a change in today's kids! 

Well, this post isn't about my new super fantastic amazing job today, it's about letting you know that I am back to my blog.  Thank you for being patient, and allowing me to take some time off to get sorted out.

What you can expect in the coming weeks:
  • Football Food - Football Season is back-and tailgating is never hotter than now....
  • Weekly Menus/Recipes
  • Fall Favorites (apples, pumpkin, and more)
  • Getting Your Holiday Craft On
Until then....
Thanks for stopping by!


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