Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas in July

If your like me you are astounded when walking in some of the retail stores now and seeing fall and winter holiday items all ready being pushed.  I guess I am not saying I am surprised since each season seems to make it's way a little earlier each year for retailers to benefit off of it.  I like shopping early for some things, but June/July is a tad bit early-I want to think about jumping in the pool or heading to the beach in summer, not how I am going to prepare my Thanksgiving Turkey or decorate my house to celebrate Christmas.  With crafting I get it, since I love to craft, I do know you have to start early to get the products you need and to give yourself time to prepare, and produce the crafts-especially if you participate in the craft shows and fairs in the fall season for the upcoming holiday season.

I do have to admit, I, too am offering a Christmas in July Sale with my Pampered Chef business, but not to be confused with pushing decorations that some people feel necessary buying now for Christmas, just using the whole Christmas in July as a good reason to host a Sale, and offer my customers a discount and free items with purchase

So, back to the crafting segment of Christmas in July - last season I got started a little late due to our home being for sale and the preparation, but  here are some of the projects I worked on- here and here.  Nothing too over the top or life changing, but a  few ideas of some of the things I was able to post here on my blog. 

One of my favorite sites is Tip Junkie (if you don't subscribe-try it-it's free).  I love the site because it is almost my go-to site for everything besides Google, I look to the site from gardening to homemade solutions, to crafts, food, DIYing, exercise,party ideas, free printables, thrifty finds, organizing, and decor, this site covers EVERYTHING you can think of and has advice and ideas from the many talented women and men of this Internet world-they even have an app for your phone now too!  Right now I am participating in a weekly challenge of dating my spouse.  I  think we do a great job and stay pretty on top of it, but this has allowed me to gain some more ideas and knowledge to keep that flame flickering hard-so as I said they cover EVERYTHING, (no I am not getting paid for this solicitation for Tip Junkie, but just go there- you'll be addicted.) 

The site has a GREAT Christmas in July Party going on with HUNDREDS of ideas, from food to crafts, to decor and much much more.  I am liking the gathering stage right now for my upcoming crafts, projects, and recipes I would like to try.  I am dog-earing pages of craft mags, tearing out pics, and saving ideas I would like to do.  I never complete half of what I would like.  But I love giving things from the heart, and crafting allows me to cover most everyone I like to bless during the holidays.  I don't want to give too many secrets away as I will post them as they are ready, hopefully sooner than too much later in the fall when you feel you have run out of time to try some ideas. 

SOOOOOOO----PLEASE-PLEASE comment below and let me know if you are working on any upcoming holiday projects for the fall or winter holidays that you celebrate (crafts, paper crafts, DIYing, decor or recipes.)  I would love to hear of any you are working on or link back to your site if you host a blog or website.

So, on that note - Merry Christmas! 
May you not forget why we celebrate the season, whether it be in December or July <><!

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