Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things You Find While Surfing the Blog Highway

Well, as I was getting ready to write my menu for next week, and link up some delicious fall recipes, I came across a blog post from a local south Floridian: Severely Restricted Spending during the month of November.  It is now the 10th of the month.  It has been a tight month due to Hubs injury a few months back since he is in sports as a career, that puts a DAMPER on things-it actually has taken us down a notch which we don't live in any way extravagant, but definitely can be a little more simple.  So-it has been a learning process.  So, this idea of being more conscience is on my list from now until...

So from the freezer to the pantry to the craft closet(s), to the entire purge to clean-out (AGAIN), we are starting TODAY!  No better time than TODAY!  Why wait until Monday....or next month....or...excuse after excuse...I will update as we go along, but consider this one of those posts that my intentions are changing for the moment to reflect on this November cut-back. 

My first attack this week has been my master bedroom.  That means-I am currently going through the closet/every drawer/shoe rack, as well as fixing things in that space I haven't got around to or some other reason...I have done well and I am only on day 2 in there.

On the back burner this summer, I decided I was going to use the THOUSANDS of dollars of craft supply that eat away at my space in my office, I mean my ENTIRE house to incorporate a more meaningful Christmas this year.  I always make a lot of gifts, but this year, I was going to utilize a lot of what I have and really put a push on the "Handmade Christmas" (more to come...).  I know I LOVE LOVE LOVE handmade gifts, than the typical box store pre-wrapped gift, so I wanted to do more this year than I have in the past to bless others where I feel I have a little talent :).

So, here I go.....any thoughts, want to join in? Comment and let me know - accountability helps!

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  1. Thanks for the link up & joining in! Once you have your mind set, you can do it without too much effort. Well, not as much :) Good luck (and hope that all goes well with Hubby, been there, done that and what a learning experience!) ... I'm going to be checking back on you!


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