Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions or Goals?

I love the start of a new year.  Anticipation.  A clean slate.  A fresh start.  A new beginning.  But, resolutions vs. goals gets me and half of our world every January.  Hence, if you aim at nothing you hit it every time. You must have at least one resolution or goal.  What's your New Year's Resolution?  Hmmm....I have failed each and every January (much before the end of the first month) with such high expectations on myself in the past.  Often creating a million and one too many ideas.  And you?  Honestly speaking, I think one sets themselves up completely for disappointment, let-down, discouragement, and any of those things that all mean around the same.  I believe in REALISTIC GOALS

Over the last three days I have read blog posts, Facebook questions, and personally talked with people about what their outlook is on this subject, I was glad to know that I wasn't the only person on this side of the page.  When looking at what folks were saying here was what my statistics gathered for the top 4, number one being the first:
  • Exercise
  • Lose Weight
  • Save Money
  • Organize my home
I couldn't agree more with those top 4 from my scientific research gathered information.  Seems like those are the same ones I hear from folks every year. 

Well, let 2011 be your year!  Make those goals, try to keep them, find someone to share them with the will cheer you on.  Stop saying yes to all those commitments that make you crazy that you only regret days after you commit, stop being a push-over for everyone else's urgency (this includes your kids).  Don't allow all the clutter in your life become a detour for your goals (resolutions).  A friend shared recently with me a famous quote (not sure who originated it) that I heard often growing up, it goes something like this...

"Procrastination on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine." 

I get this one totally.  That's where I would say yes, I'll help, yes, I'll serve, yes, I'll pick up the pieces, yes' I'll be there.  There used to be a lot of yes's and not enough in the areas that mattered most.  This past year, I worked on SIMPLIFYING, which included a little a lot of saying "no".  That was my goal and theme during 2010. With a child that required multiple doctor appointments many times weekly, and working out of my home with not one business, but two, I needed to be ON.  I found myself barely being about to get it together.  I have since (last January) come to conclusion I CAN'T do it ALL-there I said it...ahhhh~  Delegation, saying "no" to personal things as well as things for my children, and learning to sit back and live somewhat in the moment needed to be on the fore-front.  I feel I have successfully accomplished my goal in several specific areas of my life this past year. WHA HOO!

This year I want to take that goal, continue with it so I know it is a habit, and be more intentional in my life.  Giving in where I need to and letting go the things I cannot control (sounds like the serenity prayer).

So here is my two-cents on GOALS:

1) GOALS GIVE YOU PURPOSE:  If there is no meaning to your efforts, there is no purpose.  As I mentioned earlier, "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time" Purpose is important.

2) GOALS GIVE YOU ACCOUNTABILITY:  Whether you have them privately to look at or you share them with an appropriate friend or your spouse, they are there, and in your face.  Accountability has been proven to help with all sorts of things including business, weight loss, personal success, and so on...  People tend to be more invested when working along someone, sharing ideas, and helping one another.  You tend not to want to let the other person down, and then ultimately you don't let yourself go by the wayside.  Accountability is good.

3) GOALS CREATE AN EXCITEMENT with momentum.   You must write them down and look at them hourly, daily, weekly, monthly- whatever your style.  Track your progress...this keeps you going.  Even if you have a daily, weekly, monthly set can see where you have been to keep you going.  Index cards work great they are easy to tuck in somewhere, just don't lose them.

Most of all DON'T STRESS about your expectations for yourself.  Create something that will work.  After reading all this and you think you have it all together and more...please fill out the comment section below on the post with your solutions...We would all like to know.  These are ideas that have worked for me and I wanted to share them with you.  Happy 2011!  Let the new year bring each of you more happiness, more peace, more love for those around you and your community, and most of all success in all you do and set out to accomplish!

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

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