Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Decluttering Challenge

This week I have taken on some decluttering from my home {beaming}.  As I was anxious to get my fall bins from storage, I surely didn't want to add decor to more decor or things that have been hanging around too long to hit the charity bins or consigning.  I decided to tackle my wall unit since I have been wanting to redo the shelves with some new decor- I am tired of what I see as it has been a few years since rearranging some of my stuff collections.  I rided a few wedding gifts that didn't work anymore for us, a few books, some old videos/games, and a whole lot more - So this week I can say I got some work done....

Here is what left my house:
  • two bags of outgrown or stained kids clothing
  • a plastic pitcher
  • crystal candle sticks
  • 3 video games
  • 6 kids videos
  • 2 cookbooks
  • 2 crystal serving pieces
  • chip n dip bowl
  • several framed pictures
  • computer mouse
  • a bag of ladies too- big- for- me- now- clothes
  • infant toys, rattles, etc. (about 10 things)
  • threw out 11 old catalogs/donated several magazines to my clubhouse
  • old watering can
  • returned a MOPS apron
I FEEL LIBERATED!!! Wha hoo!  My personal organizer Selene @ (Bella Gia Services) would be so proud of me.

Now, I love looking at my fall decorations and having more space in some of my cabinets. 
What are you giving away this fall?  Making room for holiday gifts?  Please commet below...I want to know!

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