Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here I am....My New Blog dedicated to cooking, recipes, crafting, repurposing, and everything vintage...

Well after many attempts to get this separated from my family blog, I found I was wanting to post and upload to other blogs I follow about crafting, shopping, DIY-ing, and food.... so I decided to dedicate this blog to those.  I guess here and there you may find a sprinkle of my adorable kiddos, and my hunky hubs, but I hope this spot will be for all those above mentions and much more....  WELCOME!

I am a gal who LOVES LOVES crafting in all sort of ways...I love repurposing old things to make something new, and DIY-ing.  I love vintage shops a.k.a. "thrifting" at the abundance we have here in the Palm Beaches.  One wouldn't think that such a ritzy area of our US would have such good loot, but let's face it, those folks on the other side of the bridge get new stuff all the time and are getting rid of all their other stuff,  To me: they are finds, and other bargains. One of my first posts will be on my favorite spots in town, maybe include a few photos.  So stay awake and have a glass of tea this afternoon!

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