Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome Fall!

i just love favorite time of year. i love when the time changes and gets dark a bit earlier, it is a little crisper in the air, people tend to be a little friendlier (that doesn't make sense, but that is an observation), i love all the great fall recipes, cooking, and crafting that gets going over my place, and most of all-the time of year where we really tend to invest the most time entertaining for small and large events with our dear friends and family.  i am all set with a "to do" list for crafts and recipes to try this season.  i sat out in my special chair this weekend, and scoured a few of my favorite fall cookbooks, and went to a few dog-eared pages to see if hubs was in on some of my menu planning for the upcoming weeks-he is so picky for new stuff.  i also have all my fall-related stamps, scraps, and other craft projects out so they don't get lost in the shuffle-preparing for homemade gift-giving, one of my favorite things to do to bless others. finally, i had hubs make the annual trip to the storage unit to retrieve the bins of fall decorating.  i hope to be in full swing before the week ending.   Enjoy some inspiration I have gathered from previous years.  this week I will be highlighting some fabulous APPLE RECIPES.  So check back often to get the recipe of the day.  please also comment and tell me all about your favorite apple recipe.  next week: PUMPKIN RECIPES

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