Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tin Canister - Repurposed

this was a fun-easy project i made for golden boys misc pencils, markers, etc...
this was a 6 inch tall double tin bucket in country red from JoAnns.  it was on super clearance (70%) off for about $2.  originally like $14+, personally i think they make these sales because if you paid $14 for that, hmmmm~
it had a little canning label on it.  i cut boyish scrap paper to cover it up on both sides adhered with my favorite-mod podge, then i made a button toggle by stringing several buttons in various sizes and knotted at the bottom, then hung with jute.  it turned out cute, golden boy liked it.  i could see it adorable for a little girl with a lot of tied-knotted ribbons across the top.

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