Saturday, September 18, 2010

My ALL-TIME Favorite Spot for Junkin'

okay the big revelation is about to happen, i love to share about where i go, but i guess that may take away from all my deals if more folks take up there.  i junk there about once or twice a month.  their sales are various each day.  all sales are final. they only take cash.  they benefit the AM-VETS.  they are located north of downtown lake worth on dixie highway-south of forest hill blvd. drum roll please......

this place is HUGE.  i am thinking it was an old supermarket in the day.  you can click on the link to see a little more, but this is one of my favorites, and i am usually finding bargains.
here are a few from my AUGUST stop.

it was a shoe frenzy.  i picked up two pairs of fit flops (i live in these) @ $5.95 each (normally $50 min.).  one is an original, and looks like never worn.  the other is an orthopedic brand sold at the walking store, this also never worn.  the copper color pair i am giving to a friend ( i actually have this pair already at home), the next two pairs- one a JCrew a ribbon thong-$2.95, and the other a high end leather sandal with soft deer leather, and a crystal gem in the center-espadrille bottom, $2.95.  what a day - a great day - all girls love shoes.  i am happy to report i did donate several pairs this past month, so i didn't feel bad bringing a few new finds in the house.  if your a local palm beacher, check out my hot spot.
Some items to keep a watch for there: coach leather products-purses shoes, etc..., all things Brighton, Ralph Lauren (mens, ladies, kids), all brand name shoes-Cole Haan, etc...all first edition books, solid wood furniture, vintage home accessories, antique everything, frames....

some other favorites in the area are: 
Red Balloon - Men's, Ladies, Children, Decorator Home Accents - Two locations, both on Forest Hill Blvd.  Goodwill-West Palm Beach-Dixie Hwy. location as well as Palm Beach Island location, both are boutique Goodwill's. Kids-N-More-this place is every and more kids, I have picked up some amazing finds here, antiques, vintage, even some retro Pampered Chef :)-Congress Ave. just south of Lantana Rd.

I will continue to post others as they come up....this should get you started if you make a vintage day out!
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  1. Thanks for these great tips! I love to thrift in SO FLA when I relocate there for the winter. I think my favorite store is the animal welfare(?)thrift which is on US 1 in West Palm. Their inventory is amazing and the prices are fair. I find the GW stores to be over-priced and a little junky( not good junk).I've found so many great places to thrift in Palm Beach County, but I just can't remember the names or exact locations.
    Again, thank you, I'll be sure to check these new stores out this winter.

  2. Ohhh....I know I looked before for a World Thrift down in my area and didn't see one (used to be one, I thought) ... now I'm gonna have to look yet again ... with the chilly weather setting in, need to upgrade from flipflops and sandles to a few closed toes and heels! :) Thanks for sharing!


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